Brickvention 2016

Brickvention is billed as the premier LEGO Fan convention held in Australia. And I would have to agree! Brickvention 2016 was held in Melbourne, Australia at the Royal Exhibition Building on January 16 and 17. I drove the nearly 9 hours from Canberra a few days beforehand on what turned out to be one of the hottest days I have ever experienced.

A little snap of the Australian countryside

A little snap of the Australian countryside

Brickvention 2016 celebrated the 10th Brickvention, but was the first one I was able to attend as either an exhibitor or visitor. More than 25,000 people visited the show over the weekend and the there was a LEGO fan day held on the Friday that offered a much more relaxed atmosphere for the die-hard LEGO enthusiasts and exhibitors.

Having been to a few shows I knew what to expect but I was blown away at the size and scale of Brickvention. Not only by the number of displays but also the amazing variety of sizes, styles and techniques displayed. Even after spending four days at Brickvention I was still finding displays I had not seen before or little details I had missed. The thousands of hours of work that goes into the event was clear, and I have to give a huge thank you to the organisers for the work they put in as well.

Ryan McNaught's incredible Titanic

Ryan McNaught's incredible Titanic

Below are some albums of my favourite MOCs (My Own Creations) – the term used for a LEGO display someone has made.

Use the arrows on the side of the pictures to scroll through the albums.

1.       Tower of the Three Kings

I cannot rave enough about how much I loved this. Featuring a middle eastern bazzar themed display, built around a path winding up a mountin. What made this MOC my favourite of the weekend was the clever scale it applied; where small pieces denoted figures in this amazingly detailed world. My words cannot do it justice.

Tower of the Three Kings

2.       Sea Serpent

I believe this incredible display came second best in show. It has this enourmas sea serpent rising out of the ocean beside a castle. The design of the creatures head is just out of this world and I can only imagine the nightmare it would have been to design and build.

It was protected behind a Perspex box because it is so fragile to touch!

Sea Serpent

3.       Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

A collaborative build that shows a number of iconic pieces from the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends show. Not to mention the trains that perfectly captured the feel of the show. Although I particularly liked the troublesome trucks.

Whenever I walked up to the set the theme song came into my head. So it must have been triggering the right memories!

Thomas the Tank Engine Display

4.       Victorian Trains

Another collaborative build, showcasing a huge sprawling series of rail lines that recreate Victorian (the Austrlain state) trains in amazing scale and detail. Their detail also extends to stations, farms, bridges and the vegetation. A truly beautiful display, complete with movement and action.

Victorian Trains Display

5.       Micropolis

One of the best things about this amazing city is that it was coordinated by people all over the country and didn’t come together until the setup day. LEGO Micropolis live in their own scale, with individual cars taking up a tiny space to give this huge sense of scale. The skyscrapers were particularly beautiful but most of all I just loved the all-encompassing details.

Micropolis Brickvention 2016

Next week I will go into more detail about my Avengers MOC. Featuring my Maxifig Captain America and a series of scenes from The Avengers!

You can check out my full album from Brickvention.