LEGO trees and plants

Trees and flowers have been a stable of the LEGO world since 1958, in the very first LEGO branded construction toys. The more iconic tree was released in 1971 and remains in production today. Most people will have had some of these trees in their collection if they had LEGO as a kid.

My collection of these trees takes up most of one box alone!

LEGO palm trees and leaves, along with small spiky bushes were introduced in the 1990’s throughout the pirates and city themes. Jungle leaves or vines were also introduced, mostly in green.

LEGO flowers are also just as iconic, and now come in a range of different colours. A field of LEGO flowers can look quite stunning. Flowers come with a small plant stalk to put 3 different flower heads on, and work with available grass and leafy bushes.

For a while there was a very limited range of LEGO produced vegetation that wasn’t green. This led to users buying custom made plants that matched the style but offered greater colour range. Partly to counter this, in recent years LEGO has expanded their range of vegetation, not only in colours but styles.

The vines are now available in more than green, with red, purple, pink and oranges helping to flesh out the range of colours you will find in a forest, both real and enchanted. Along with Printed mushrooms, and other smaller items. LEGO sets have also expanded to include some buildable trees which offer more depth and realism that the old topiary green cones. 

Flowers are also available in a different style with a wider range of colours. And new types of grass were released in 2015. With these pieces you can make some quite stunning forests. Below are a few of my favourites.

  1. Pine Tree
  2. Buildable tree standard
  3. Rice Paddies
  4. Vineyard
  5. Eucalyptus

I am building an album of my unique and custom LEGO plants. I would love to build on it if you have any creations of your own or ones you have seen that you would like to share please share with me on Twitter or Facebook