Top 5 Brickfilms

Following from my last few weeks I thought I would share with you my favourite Brickfilms.

#5 – Jurassic Park by digitalwizardz

While this cheats a bit and uses special effects and CG, this video is quite clever in how it parodies and also faithfully copies the original movie.

#4 – The Matrix “Trinity, Help!”

The slow motion in this scene is just incredible, as is the bullet time effect zooming around Neo.

If you want more Matrix action, this Lobby Fight scene is also great.

#3 – LEGO The Hobbit in 72 seconds by BrotherhoodWorkshop

BrotherhoodWorkshop have a reputation for making short snappy and hilarious videos. And this one is probably my favourite.

#2 – 8-bit trip by Rymdreglage

This video is a blend of real life and stop animation combined amazingly to music. The detail and range of movement achieved is just astounding.

#1 – Force Unleashed by Fancy Pants

As far as I am concerned, this video is the peak in LEGO animations. From the perfect audio, the smooth animation and great story. I cannot recommend this video enough!

Please share your favourite videos, and if you have time check out a few of mine.