BLOG: How do you display LEGO?

Rory investigates some LEGO I left out for a few days

Rory investigates some LEGO I left out for a few days

“How to you display your LEGO” or “Where do you keep all your LEGO”.

Common questions for me, and I imagine anyone who is known for their LEGO collection. Some people have it on display throughout their house, some have only a few items out and the rest in storage.

I have all of mine in my LEGO Study. Which is a converted garage. I don’t keep any LEGO elsewhere in the house for a couple of reasons. The first is that my partner and I have 3 cats, one of whom is particularly “likes-to-chew-everything”. So for the sake of Rory and my LEGO it is behind a door he is rarely allowed in.

It is also in the garage so that it doesn’t clutter up the house. Because I really could if I wasn’t careful. This also keeps it away from the prying hands of my meddling friends, whom I love dearly but are mostly all banned from touching my LEGO. I don’t know if this makes me some sort of LEGO Grinch but it is mine and it is expensive. Plus by having it all in one spot you get a great “woah” reaction when people are allowed inside.

I really do sound like a Grinch don’t I?

Once inside, my LEGO is primarily displayed in IKEA 4x4 KALLAX cube units along the long wall of the garage. I currently have two of them, but am badly in need of improving this arrangement. I dedicate each cube to a theme. This can be something like Star Wars (original trilogy) and Star Wars (prequel trilogy), Marvel, City Diving, City Arctic, Pirates, Castle, Minifigures and so on. Some cubes are a bit of a mishmash of different themes if I only have a few.

I have a few aircraft attached to hooks that I have put in the top of each cube, so that they appear to be flying or hanging.

The main limitation of the cube is that there is only so much space, so bigger models won’t fit or where I have a lot of one theme (Like Star Wars) it just won’t all fit in one space. This might break the coolness of the look a bit, and maybe one day I will progress to multiple benches along the wall.

Fortunately the top of the units provides a perfect bench at eye height. This is where my bigger models are currently located. This includes the modular buildings, haunted house, Helicarrier and Ewok Village. Hanging from the roof are a few aircraft like Slave II and Mars Mission alien ship.

The top of my cubes provides a good space to display the bigger models

The top of my cubes provides a good space to display the bigger models

However I have run out of room! My garage is setup with the display cubes on one long wall, the storage system I talked about in my previous blog on the far wall and then a long dining table/workbench on the other long wall. The workbench has a bunch of random containers underneath it with unopened boxes and the models I don’t have room to display. I would like to get some of these out into the air sometime soon so a trip to the new Canberra IKEA might be in order.

I would love to hear and see how you store your LEGO. Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook.

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