2016 LEGO sets

Each year LEGO brings out a new range of sets and themes while also retiring some old sets or themes. For 2015 there is obviously going to be some Star Wars sets following the release of The Force Awakens in December. Star Wars was the first intellectual property pairing for LEGO starting with the release of The Phantom Menace in 1999, and has maintained a steady stream of sets each year since then. For 2016 the release there is a mix of sets for the new movie, some new Clone Wars/Rebels sets and some updates to previously released sets.

The Force Awakens sets include:

For Star Wars Rebels (an animated TV series following on from The Clone Wars series) there is atleast one set for Kannan’s Speeder Bike 75141.

For the previous movies we get updated sets with Rebel Alliance Battle Pack 75133 and Hoth Attack 75138. Both of which will be good additions to any collection, especially with the range of aliens available between the sets.

LEGO City is a staple and each year sees a new range around a couple of themes. This year it appears to be yet more police and fire as the main focus, with a few other themes thrown in. Personally, I look forward to the year when the LEGO city is not 100% populated by emergency services, airports, ports and construction services. As these seem to be 99% of all sets that come out in the city theme. I know any “modern world” sets could fit in with LEGO city but it would be nice to see a park, a small shop or anything that doesn’t involve cops and robbers or fire! However if this is your thing, then a few sets that catch my eye include:

The big new theme for LEGO this year is Nexo Knights. This takes two of LEGO’s most popular themes (Knights/Castle and Space) and merges them into one. Feature futuristic feudalism these sets all look awesome. Great use of colours, pieces and shapes that capture both the vintage feel of castles and the futuristic space age. Some highlights include:

2016 also sees 3 additions to the Minecraft range, which still feel like a great adaptation of the Minecraft game. There are also new Super Heroes sets in advance of the Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movies this year. Interestingly there may be a bit of a spoiler for the Civil War movie, if you search for a set featuring an airport battle it shows a figure that is quite interesting to see. I won’t spoil it but you should search for it.

One last highlight is the release of the LEGO.com exclusive Ghostbusters Firehouse 75827. This set is huge and comparable to the Helicarrier in its scope. I look forward to reviews on this one as they start to come through. 

For me, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Nexo Knights and some of the Star Wars sets. Beyond that, I will keep grabbing sets for The Avengers as they come, and I am sure there will be more released closer to the release of Civil War in May. There are also many other new releases across a wide range of themes. These are just my highlights. More sets released in further waves later in the year. Check back for my thoughts on them then!

Let me know what sets you are looking forward to in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook.