Canberra Brick Expo 2016

Canberra Brick Expo is the largest LEGO Exhibtion in Canberra, Australia. While not as large as other Australian shows held in Sydney or Melbourne, it has been going for at least 7 years and been growing in size and strength. Held again this year in the Canberra Hellenic Club on July 29, 30 and 31, it was my fifth year exhibiting at Brick Expo, after having been to the show for the first two years beforehand. They always prove a great opportunity to meet new friends

The expo has more than 10 sessions with around 1000 guests in each session, so throughout the weekend a large number of people come through the doors and last year some $90,000 was raised for charity. As an exhibitor it can get quite exhausting “Minding” your models all weekend, even if you are fortunate to get a quiet corner to retreat into.  Despite the wall of crowds, this year it was a well configured expo spread them out to help give the guests and exhibitors relief from huge crowds.

A stunning 3D photo tour is available of the main display room. Check it out!

A full album of my photos from the weekend is below.

Canberra Brick Expo 2016

Some of my favourite displays in 2016 were:


Celebrating the 50th year of LEGO trains, the train team overdid themselves, with multiple overlapping train networks, using the different types of LEGO train and monorail tracks. As much as I love the look of LEGO trains I have decided a long time ago to not get into them, as I don’t have space (or money) for my current collection.

Elvendale by Nicky Schnider

A beautiful display made from LEGO Friends and Elves sets, showing some beautiful colours not normally seen in LEGO. A few highlights were the stunning lava river, the georgeous treesand clever use of vehicle tracks to make a bridge.

I had my own display beside this one, so I got to spend alot of time checking it out. The use of bright colours is really distinct and almost unique.

Captain America Civil War Airport Battle

Aside from being from one of my favourite movies, this display was funny and clever. The super maxi scale Ant-Man (Giant-Man) was the centrepiece, with normal Minifig scale War Machine & Spiderman swinging around him.

The Bio-mechanical Man by Brad Wilson

The Bio-mechanical Man by Brad Wilson

The Bio-mechanical Man by Brad Wilson

This small MOC shows only a small robot man, standing on some ground. But the the clever use of pieces and colours help convey a feeling of great sadness and deep sorrow. It is a beautiful little man.

Also check out photos from my current and previous displays at BrickExpo

2016 - Market Gate MOC

An original scene showing a medieval market, dock and castle wall. For a comprehensive overview of this MOC and how I made it, check out my previous blog post.


2015 - Avengers Movie vignettes

A series of scenes from the 2012 Avengers Movie. I also have a previous blog post about it’s creation.

2014 - Blues Brothers scene

Using the set from my Blues Brothers video, with some slight tweaking, I captured a section of the cars crashing through the glass walls.

2013 - Monsters MOC

A photo of the haunted train station I made. Not my most impressive MOC, but a start.

A photo of the haunted train station I made. Not my most impressive MOC, but a start.

This scene was a collaboration with a few of my other LEGO friends, created in a darkened corridor with blacklights and creepy music. The corridor was filled with a long flowing scene of Monster Fighters and other creepy sets, including a haunted station, a castle with laboratory and other scenes of terror.

One note, is that we had a soundtrack on loop, that only lasted about 90 seconds. After a weekend it gets stuck in your head and etches itself into your brain.

2012 – Brickfilm Stop Animations

For my first year I didn’t display any physical models and contributed my Stop Animation videos to the Brickfilm Cinema. It was a great moment to see a room full of people laughing and reacting to my videos.

The crowd enjoying one of my videos

The crowd enjoying one of my videos

LEGO fan events are held throughout the world, from small school hall shows through to massive conventions. Keep an eye out for one near you and have a great time meeting LEGO fans of all ages.