LEGO Set Instruction storage

I have been asked to post about how I store my LEGO instructions, and see what other styles people have.

For someone people, retaining the LEGO instructions is essential to completing the set. Even if you dismantle the set later, or even if you can get the instructions online later many people still store their instructions.

Instruction booklets range in size depending on the size and complexity of the set they are for. My largest booklet is probably for the Helicarrier, a ???? page booklet with more than ???? steps. Some instructions fit on a single side of a small sheet, others have multiple booklets for one set.

Mine are stored in a number of ring binder folders. Each folder is dedicated to a theme (or more than one), with plastic sleeves storing the instructions. Each sleeve normally only has one instruction booklet in it, and within the theme the instructions are sorted in set order number. Even sets from when I was a kid are stored in a folder, with great thanks to my Mum for storing them safely for many years.

Not the best system...

Not the best system...

I don’t often go back through these instructions, but they can be very useful for going over a specific technique or way of building that has only been done in that set.

One drawback of my system is that the folders get heavy very quickly, but they can be easily moved between folders. The folders take up a fair amount of bookshelf space, so I may soon investigate a new system.

I know that some of my friends store theirs in hanging folders in a filing cabinet. Again stored by theme and set number, I wonder if this system will work better or if it took will suffer from running out of room quickly.

I would love to know how you store your instructions, is there a miracle system somewhere that is easy to use and space efficient?