Nexo Knights

Announced in late 2015, the Nexo Knights are an original LEGO theme set in a futuristic world that blends medieval knights, wizards and creatures with space and technology. The world has a group of young knights who fight to protect the kingdom from Jestro.

The armour and bodies of the various Minifigs are all beautifully detailed, with some clever additions to shoulders and helmets that make the minifigs quite unique. Crazy oversized weapons also feature, with a range of swords, maces, bows and other bonkers devices. The Nexo Knights world looks like a crazy chaotic world. I also love the inclusion of Merlok, the wizard from classic LEGO knights series, reborn as a digital avatar.

The series has some beautiful call backs to both the Classic Space and various Castle/Knight themes that LEGO has previously released. When they were first released I adored the colours, with blending of blue, grey and orange for the good guys and black, red and orange for the baddies. The various ships and creations also capture the look of medieval buildings and weapons, sometimes expanded into an entire ship or vehicle. The sets are all busy with lots of sharp edges and colourful contrasting pieces.

This includes the (currently) largest set, the Fortrex, which is a giant castle on tank tracks. Complete with missiles and other weapons, you can check out my full review of that set here.

I also like the look of Clay’s Rumble Blade, which is a car/motorbike contraption built with a giant sword as its centrepiece. Most of the other characters also have giant mech’s or other ships available for them, including a few individual character boxes and sets.

I had held off getting into this series, as I feared it would pull me in. But when I got into it, I committed and I am now working my way through a fairly complete collection. I think that the world and it’s creations will lend themselves well to custom MOC’s and other creations, so check back to see if I actually manage to create something new.