Set Review: Star Wars Microfighters

Starting in 2014 LEGO have released 6 ships in the Microfighters series each year.

The 2016 series contains:

  • 75125 - Resistance X-Wing Fighter
  • 75126 - First Order Snowspeeder
  • 75127 - The Ghost
  • 75128 - TIE Advanced Prototype
  • 75129 - Wookie Gunship
  • 75130 - AT-DP

Videos of the ships being built and a review of each model is below. In general I would say that this series is not as strong as previous models. Maybe that is because they have used some of the more iconic ships like the Millennium Falcon but this year there were not any "Wow that was clever" moments.

I also honestly have no idea what The Ghost is and had to look it up (it is from Star Wars Rebels), so I don't know if that was a poor choice from LEGO/Disney on what to pick. I don't really know of Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars should count as legit Star Wars. I was hoping for some more models from The Force Awakens, hopefully that will be next year.

Overall they are a nice addition to the Microfighters range but I don't love them as much as previous years. I also wonder why each ship needs to have a gun that can shoot a little missle or stud. What happened to the days of using imagination? 

Resistance X-Wing Fighter: 75125

One of the earlier series included an X-Wing, and for the new model from The Force Awakens I was pleased to find it a different enough model. What is most striking about this design is the blue pieces really stand out, especially against the grey and black that is common through Star Wars models. I also quite liked the helmet of the Minifig, with his orange visor.

Definitely my favourite of the series.

First Order Snowspeeder: 75126

Although you never really see these in action during the movie the model feels clunky and awkward. But I think that is reminiscent of most ships for The First Order.

A highlight of the ship is the mounted gun on the front. I have had reservations about the habit of LEGO to include canons and guns on almost every ship these days, this is the first one that feels like it is a good addition to the ship and  is a clever little design.

The Ghost: 75127

Look I have no idea what The Ghost is. Apparently it's from Star Wars Rebels and the minifig is a Twi'lek named Hera Syndulla. So I can't really comment on how this relates to the ship from the show. The model is kinda cool, I like the way the engines/wings are assembled but it isn't totally remarkable, although the colours are nice.

I am please to have a Twi'lek figure though. She is cool! Perhaps the point of this model is to get people to watch Star Wars Rebels if they haven't already. I might do that.

TIE Advanced Prototype 75128

I got the wrong piece!

I got the wrong piece!

This is probably my second favourite ship and feels much more at home with the rest of my Microfighter ships. Although it isn't too different from the previous TIE Interceptor. It was probably the simplest build although I feel that the wings can fold around too much or too freely.

Sadly though I encountered an issue with a missing piece, shown in the picture. The first time I have ever had this problem - I now get to investigate the process for replacing a missing piece! 

Wookie Gunship: 75129

This model is taken from Star Wars Episode 3, which features a large battle on the Wookie homeworld Kashyyyk. The gunships normally house a whole bunch of Wookies and the scale translates nicely into this toy scale. This feels like one ship you could be swooshing around firing at the bad guys with.

Also, the Wookie minifig is awesome!

AT-DP: 75130

These baby scout walkers are new to me, although I understand they are also from Star Wars Rebels. They obviously look and feel like much smaller versions of the AT-AT and AT-ST from the original Star Wars trilogy. 

I like how the model is bipedal and stands on its own quite nicely.  The legs feel sturdy too, not flimsy like I thought it might be. Although the design isn't as pretty or smooth as other models.

Thank you for reading and I hope my first review was interesting and enjoyable! I would love any feedback or questions you have.

Next up will be the Millennium Falcon!