Review: The Millennium Falcon


The LEGO Millennium Falcon set 75105, is the fifth full scale LEGO model of the iconic Millennium Falcon. It follows on from the sets released in 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2011. There have also been a number of models at different scales including Mini scale in a Star Wars advent calendar.

There is a clear progression in design styles from the model released in 2000 through to now. The original model is clunky and blocky and lacked the subtlety, finesse and clever construction styles that LEGO models now commonly feature. While LEGO have a much wider range of parts to enable more accurate and detailed models I think that fans expect an intricate and clever build for the price ($250 AUD) of this model.

This is my first Millennium Falcon, so I was kind of incredibly excited to build it.

The Force Awakens

Set 75015 features the ship and characters as seen in Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens. For the ship this mostly means the round deflector dish is replaced with a rectangular one and the minifigs include the older looking Han Solo with Chewbacca, Finn, Rey, BB-8 and the gangster Tasu-Leec and a Kanjaklub goon.

The ship itself includes the lounge space and Chewwie’s space chess table (Let the Wookie win), smuggling compartments, turrets and a huge amount of detail on the inside. The roof is made from a number of hinged panels so you can fold back one or all parts of the ship as you need to. The cockpit is a standalone space which needs to be removed to change the pilot.

Let the Wookie win!

Let the Wookie win!

The Build

At a whopping 1329 pieces across 9 different stages of bags this isn’t a quick build. Sitting down and working on it I was able to complete it in about two and half hours (Plenty of time to catch up on Arrow; where I just finished season 2).

By the end of the first bag you have the basic frame for the ship and the ship builds upwards from there. Most of the features on the deck of the ship are added bit by bit so it sometimes takes a while to realise what you are building will become the lounge or another feature.

A lot of the inner details are built on angles too which is something different. Although with the instructions it is sometimes hard to work out where a piece should go if it is meant to be on an angle. The instructions would benefit from having images highlighting the angle a block should go on.

The sides of the ship are not built from the ground up, but rather they are long hinged pieces built that clip onto corner pieces. This helps give the ship its shape and provide the smooth edges around the model. The two bow prongs are one of the last things built and are clicked into the existing frame in a very stable way.

The roof is made up of a dozen individual panels which look great and are a very practical way to build and play with the model.

Stability and strength of the model is great. I never felt like I was trying to hold together a delicate model like some other builds, and once it is finished it feels sturdy and strong in your hands. It is also surprisingly light for its size.

My only complaint is that the ship has a module that clicks into the bottom. I think it is meant to represent a cargo pod that can be jettisoned, however the method used to hold it in place barely works and whenever I moved the ship it falls out. It is also a shame that the cockpit can only fit one minfig at a time but I think with some clever work I can resolve that. The cockpit is also one of the least detailed sections in the ship too. Oh the ship also has a bunch of stickers too, which is a minus.

But it comes with 6 Minifigs plus BB-8. So it is pretty great.

One interesting feature is the continued trend to include bits that shoot. While I think they are unnecessary I always find it amusing that the instructions include a picture to say “don’t shoot at people’s faces”, yet the spring loaded launchers can easily shoot a piece over 10 meters at considerable speed and strength.


All in all, this is a great build that was fun and interesting. It might be a bit technical for younger builders but the final product is awesome and really captures the look and feel of the ship. It’s amazing the difference of 16 years.

Wow. 16 years. I remember when LEGO Star Wars first came out! At least now I can buy myself awesome birthday gifts!

  • Set: Millennium Falcon 75105
  • Pieces: 1329
  • Minifigs: 6 + BB-8
  • Price: $250 AUD
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Design: 4.5/5
  • Playability: 5/5

Also, very swooshable! 


Next review will be of the LEGO Ideas WALL-E!