Review: Tanker Truck Takedown


This late 2016 release features a scene (of sorts) from the 2016 Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. Now I am a massive Marvel fan and have seen the movie a number of times, so I don’t remember this particular scene but I do enjoy the creative license that they have taken with the set.

The set includes an airport fuel truck, a small windsock with barrels and four minifigs.

  • Captain America with shield
  • Hawkeye with bow and motorbike
  • Vision in his stunning golden cape
  • the first Civil War Spiderman figure with a new web shoot piece.

I also enjoy the use of ROXXON oil, a common company throughout the Marvel franchises.


Despite the number of pieces, it only took about 25 minutes to complete the build. The pieces are split between three bags and two instruction booklets.

The half of bag 1 builds the wind sock, and a small platform to launch two oil barrels.

The remainder of the set is the tanker truck, with the cabin and a separate tanker. The tanker is also cleverly designed to explode when you turn a dial. The dial forces up three large flame pieces, which flip the front and back ends while also popping off the back of the tanker. It actually feels like a decent sized “pop” when you turn the dial.


Despite being a huge marvel fan, and loving the Vision and Spiderman minifigs, I feel like this set is a bit lacking in depth. For the price it is a rather quick build and feels like the price has been bumped up just to include more minfigs.

The exploding truck is however a good little piece of design, and I did enjoy playing with it once it was finished. But even so I feel like another part of the model should have been included. Even if it was just a car.

The set does go nicely with the Super Hero Airport battle set, in not only fleshing out the two “teams” but adding to the feel of completing a set.

  • Set: Tanker Truck Takedown, set #76067
  • Pieces: 330
  • Minifigs: 4
  • Price: $59.99 AUD
  • Value for Money: 2/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Playability: 4/